we know that the difference between today's unthinkable and tomorrow's universal is RAZOR THIN.


Our goal is to assist organizations, who want to change the world.

About Us


Bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, industry experts and pioneering thinkers - the Global Institute For Thought Leadership brings together leading practitioners and theorists, who all share a common goal:

Changing the world of ideas.

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A One Stop Shop For Talent



Together, we have over a millenium of experience in the field of thought leadership - and we cover a wide range of industries.

We know our stuff.


Hundreds of books. Podcast episodes, blog posts, videos, etc. in the thousands. It all boils down to this:


We have an audience.


Impossible. Crazy. Wild. 

We all work with changing the status quo one way or another. ​And at the end of the day we all do one thing.

We shift paradigms. 


From performance coaches and researchers to digital transformation experts and event hosts, we all have something in common.

We show the way.


The Promise of Excellence

Enjoy The Difference That World-Renowned Thought Leaders Can Bring to Your Greatest Challenges

FEATURING: • Richer Company Culture • Greater Diversity of Thought • Unprecedented Quality of Decision-Making • Process Brilliance • Operational Excellence • Unmatched Use of Human Capital • Incredible Customer First Sensibilities • Industry Leading Leverage of Information • Agility–Enabled Business Models • Unrivaled Brand Loyalty • Talent Magnetism • High Performance Teamwork • Superior Customer Experience Delivery • Incomparable Staff Commitment • Lower Cost of Operations • Unsurpassed Performance • Unparalleled Business Results • Unbeatable Branding and Communications • Flawless Execution

All of this can be achieved by choosing The Global Institute For Thought Leadership to help you change your world.

Member Spotlight: Eduardo Briceno


Five Ways We Can Help You



Thought leaders bring ideas and fresh thinking to you and your audience.


Our member thought leaders are available for keynote speaking in their respective areas of specialty.


We deliver our thought leadership, both in-person and virtually.


We tailor and deliver our messages for both in-house and open conference settings so that you can be assured to engage and enlighten your audience, whomever they may be.


The best organizations develop their people to be the best that they can be.



Our training offerings are both wide and deep.  


We can help you develop new skills and capabilities in a broad range of subject areas, all aimed at fielding a better, stronger and more capable workforce.

Management Consulting

We convert ideas into results.


Not only do we help you to discover the Art of the Possible, we have the horsepower to deliver the consulting solutions needed to realize your vision.


Our Management Consulting Services centers on the co-creation of work products that your team of experts can breath into and make theirs.


We do this by providing the methods, frameworks, planning disciplines and hands-on engagement leadership needed to deliver real business results to your organization.



Coaches improve performance.


After all, even world-class athletes have professional coaches.


Why shouldn’t your leadership team and high potential people have coaches, too?


Our leadership coaching services make your people better at what they do.



Fresh insights are often needed to inform your strategic thinking.


We have the capabilties needed to drive commissioned studies inot the topics that you care about most  and the thought leadership needed to draw out a comprehensive set of conclusions and recommendations with you and your team, based on the work that you sanctioned.

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Hand Holding
Rubik's Cube

Member Spotlight: Nadia Bilchik


We Have A Solid Track Record 


Our CollectIVE Thought Leadership Sets Us Apart

A look at the top-rated organizations that we’ve helped over the years is testament to who we are as individuals. However, it is our collective experience which sets us apart from any other advisory group that you could be working with.

As a consequence, our value proposition is rich because of the way our members seamlessly team together in innovative and unique combinations to solve your biggest challenges.

Our ability to partner in this way enables our clients to harness the strength of our varied and distinct thought leadership and to co-create tailored solutions built just for your organization.

If you want to see examples of clients, just google "Fortune100".
If there's anyone there we haven't served, that's a rare exception.

Add to that thousands of smaller clients, and a picture starts to emerge.

We've been around. :-)

Member Spotlight: Freddie Ravel


Founding Partners


Victoria Doxat

Thought Leadership Consultant

Blending philosophy and business with strategic thought leadership. I help business leaders increase their income, authority and impact.

Todd Cherches

Visual Leadership

CEO of NYC-based executive coaching firm BigBlueGumball, adjunct professor of leadership at NYU & Columbia, and author of "VisuaLeadership."

Traca Savadogo

The Power of Connection

Vision-driven leader and TEDx speaker who is profoundly inspired by human connection.

Terry Earthwind

Strategic Visioning & Modeling

Leader of a global performance transformation company, author of four books, international speaker, and recognized thought leader.

Ruthie Bowles

Authority Marketing Strategist

Founder of Defy The Status Quo, US Army Veteran, mom to 4 children. Plays guitar and has a homestead with goats, ducks, and chickens.

Peter Winick

Thought Leadership

Founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage and the Host of Leveraging Thought Leadership (Podcast)

Kim D. Snyder

MORE Leadership Strategy

Cutting edge thinking for those ready to change the game, get results, have fun, look like a rockstar. Trusted Advisor, Author, Podcaster.

Andi Simon

Corporate Anthropology & Change

Corporate Anthropologist, Culture Change Expert, Speaker, Podcaster, and Award-winning Author, Expanding a Global Mission of Women’s Empowerment

Kon Apostolopoulos

Human Capital Management

Author. Facilitator. Coach. Helping organizations navigate change, improve performance, and realize the true potential of their people.

J.D. Gershbein

Personal Branding & LinkedIn

Cultivating the persona of a professional edutainer, JD brings a touch of sanity and humor to speaking, consulting, and media production.

James M. Kerr

Culture /OD/ Vision Strategist 

Leadership, Culture and OD Expert, 6X Business Author, Industry Agnostic, I know how to build and implement plans that deliver change.

Jeremy Segal

Growing Influence & Community

Jeremy's grown over 200,000 social followers. Hosts the Why Influence Podcast. Manages weekly events for large Social Media Influencers.

Gail Hayes

Diversity, Communication & Race

Executive leadership coach, international communicator & author

Elia Gourgouris

Corporate Wellness/Happiness

Dr. Elia is a #1 Bestselling Author & International Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, Executive Coach, Happiness & Corporate Wellness expert.

Freddie Ravel

Keynote Speaker/Grammy Artist

Communications Expert. Busting the boundaries of culture and business to optimize Life In Tune™ worldwide.

David X Martin

Risk Management & Cyber Security

CRO, author and SME on cyber security. Visionary leader with SIFIs, the FBI and SEC. Expert witness and senior advisor.

Dave Summers

Digital Producer/Coach/Maker

I provide production resources and content thought leadership by creating impactful podcasts, webcasts, videoblogs, animations and more.

Claus Raasted
Innovation Strategist

Author of 31 books, Coach at McKinsey, and professional Ruby Hunter. Raasted also has a past in reality TV, but these days, who hasn't?

Bill Sherman

Organizational Thought Leadership

Thought leadership practitioner for 20 years working with world-class business authors and global organizations to take ideas to scale

Mari Ryan

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Award-winning author, international speaker, and savvy business consultant, creating workplaces where both the employees and the business thrive.

Samuel Dinnar

High Stakes Negotiation

Inspires better deals and skills. Experienced executive and speaker. Teaches leadership and negotiation at MIT and Harvard.

Eduardo Briceño

Growth Mindset & Learning Culture

Most booked growth mindset keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for executives and professionals. TED Talks reaching millions.

Melissa Davies

Interpersonal Communication

Dynamic Facilitator, Educator & Executive Coach; Author "How Not to Act Like a BLEEP at Work"; Builds rapport and motivates to reach the next level

Bryan Mattimore

Ideation and Innovation

Chief Idea Guy, Growth Engine Innovation Agency. Author of three books. Leader of 200+ innovation projects. Innovation Instructor, Caltech

Verity Craft

Communicating Thought Leadership

Master communicator helping business leaders transform their ideas into thought leadership for greater authority and impact.

Mahan Takavoli

Helping leaders unleash potential

I support leaders and executive teams unleash potential through a proven framework focusing on Purpose, Strategy, Culture and Execution.

Dan Janal

Book coach, Editor, Ghostwriter

I help business owners turn their ideas into books that attract new prospects.

Scott Gould


Author, The Shape of Engagement, and international advisor on all things engagement

Nadia Bilchik

In-person & virtual communication

TV anchor, speaker, author. Creator of a methodology to project confidence & have greater impact every time you communicate.

Scott D. Witt

Innovation & New Ventures

Building bridges between Marketing/Engineering and


Sarah Blake, MSOL

Intuitive Strategic Leadership

Facilitator, Speaker, Coach focused on culture, communication, people and how to implement change. CultureTalk certified partner

(& others)


Our Network

Of Thought Leaders

The Institute and its members of course all have their own networks to tap into; so if we can't help you, we probably know someone who can!

A thought leader is someone with proven expertise and experience who isn’t afraid to share it with the world without direct compensation.”

Jay Baer, 6xBestselling Author


So, how can we help you?



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